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Preventative & Restorative Health

5 Bodies

All humans have 5 bodies - Physical, Vital, Mental, Supramental, and Bliss

Dis-ease is Dis- Harmony or Dis-connection from self. It is the imbalance of these 5 bodies that causes illnesses. It is homeostasis of not only Physical but all 5 bodies operating in harmony in order to have a health as a wholeness.

What is the physical body?


The physical body is the body in which we move  and communicate. This body is considered to be a physical representation of the vital body’s blueprints.

Why do we have a physical body?


We have a physical body to communicate with other people. This body also allows us to transport ourselves from place to place.

What is the vital body?


The vital body is the system of all our organs. This includes our lungs, heart, liver, stomach, and many other organs.

Why do we have a vital body?


Our Vital Body is needed to keep important life functions in our body running. The Vital Body helps with everyday things like breathing and digesting food.

What is the mental body?


The mental body consists of the brain and our consciousness. This body works to let us have comprehensible thoughts.

Why do we have a mental body?


We have a mental body to process the information we receive from our 5 senses. This is the archetype that guides the purposeful movement of mental meanings.

What is the supramental body?


The supramental body is the body that is the body of all-knowingness. It lets us understand the whole truth of all things.

Why do we have a supramental body?


We have a supramental body to unite with everything around us. This body helps one to connect with their own self as well as the environment around them.

What is the bliss body?


The bliss body is a amalgamated field of pure, undiluted Consciousness. The bliss body is also considered a limitless body with no subject-object split.

Why do we have a bliss body?


We have a bliss body to connect at a deeply spiritual level in such a way that time, space and individuality no longer matters.



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